As a kid in school

sitting in the classroom, how'd you feel when the teacher broke up the drudgery with "Time for Oregon Trail!" or "Let's take a trip to the computer lab!" Excited. Energized. Invigorated. That's why

we created Coobri. It's time to bring that elation back   into the learning process. 



Prepare yourself

for the |.

Forty years ago,

no one thought the PC would change the world. The same for smartphones just two decades later. Coobri is spearheading

the next paradigm shift.

Why not be a part 

of how we see the

world in 2040?



Coobri is working

with national university labs to see how wearable technology, 3D simulations, virtual reality (VR),

and augmented reality (AR) can bring us one step closer to seeing and solving big data problems in a

new way. Transcendence

isn't just science fiction

    any more.


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